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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gesture Your Hand To Say And Your PC Will Pause

Say, you have 10 windows opened on the screen and out of the blue your phone starts ringing. Now stopping your playlist must be a challenging task because for that to happen you have to locate that tiny media player window first. What if you can just point your hand at the PC as if you are instructing it to STOP and your the song stops playing? Neat, huh? Flutter for WIndows can do just that.
Download the tiny app and install it right away. No serious configuration hacks and you are ready to roll. Start playing music on any of the supported apps which currently are Windows Media Player, Spotify, Quicktime, Winamp and iTunes. Flutter sits silently in the notification area and only spring up to action once you perform the hand gesture in front of the webcam and the music is stopped. Once you are ready to start listening again, show your hand in a similar manner and the music will start playing again. The app delivers a perfect experience while playing and pausing music with hand gestures. However, for now, that is the only action you can perform. The current app was published for Windows 7, although, it works on Windows 8 consumer preview as well.
The founders, Navneet Dalal and Mehul Nariyawala, explains the future plans for the app which will be to mimic the mouse and keyboard actions with voice and hand gestures to do a certain set of actions. While Windows has it’s own voice controlling feature, which also acts quite expectantly, it will nice to have an alternative which so far promises to be near perfect.
Starting and pausing music or changing the currently playing track is one of those tasks any audiophile like me repeats almost every 1 hour on average. So it won’t hurt if that can be done effortlessly. While the Windows version has landed a few days back, Flutter for Mac was available from May this year. The dead simple app has earned accolades from users. Within a few weeks of it’s official launch for Mac, the app reached the pole position in the free entertainment app segment in 30 countries while it was #2 in US.

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